Circulation enhancer

New methods can ensure improved fish health and welfare

 The most commonly employed method for documenting the effect of feed against disease is the use of infection experiments. Insofar as animal welfare is concerned, this is not an optimal solution, and is both costly and time-consuming. We strive therefore to limit the use of infection experiments and are working on developing new techniques for documenting the health effects of nutrition in a safe and professional manner.

BioMar is involved in a new project supported by the Research Council of Norway wherein it is our intention to develop a biological model to test the effects of nutrition on heart function and circulation in fish. The model will be used to investigate how nutrition can be used to enhance overall cardiovascular health and thus reduce disease and tissue damage, and further contribute to faster recovery after an infection.

The model will be included in studies from field trials in investigations conducted at molecular and genetic levels. It will be used for further development of BioMar's feeds aimed at the prevention of infections affecting the heart and circulatory system The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway and is a collaborative venture with NOFIMA, VESO Vikan, NMBU and University of British Columbia.