We shall lay the foundation for healthy employees with good, safe and developing jobs.

A good work environment is important for the individual employee and crucial for BioMar to achieve its goals.

BioMar shall work towards our employees suffering no work-related injuries and illnesses, and will lay the foundation for individuals contributing to being responsible for their own health.

BioMar shall have a work environment that promotes health and wellbeing and contributes to limiting employee sick leave. Health and the work environment shall be planned and prioritised along the same lines as other primary goals, and managed through risk assessments, continuous focus and preventive work.

BioMar as an employer and its employees can achieve greater things with the occupational health service's HSE skills. Wellbeing shall be promoted through different welfare measures and an increased awareness of development of a BioMar culture. Health and the work environment is a management responsibility that is implemented in line with and supported by the Work Environment Committee, safety officers and the established trustee apparatus.

HEALTH  8.1 Contribute to improving employee health, amongst other things by serving "proper" food in our canteens General good health and wellbeing at BioMar1)  Attendance percentage of 97.6% in 2014 
ENVIRONMENT  8.2 Reduce employees' travel activities2)  

No substantial change in kilometres travelled between 2014 and

2013. Number of kilometres flown reduced by 3.5%. Total CO2 emissions reduced by 2.9%

BioMar offsets all carbon emissions from business travel through REDD+6) 

 8.3 Reduce energy use in offices and other buildings3)

We have not started energy measurements at our offices 

 8.4 Increased recycling and reuse  

We have not introduced

a recycling policy and reuse areas in our offices

8.5 Reduce paper use4) We have not substantially reduced paper use  
SAFETY  8.6 LTI (Lost Time Injury5) LTI = 7.9. Up from 5.0 in 2013   

1) Targeted health checks 2014
2) Berg-Hansen environmental report 2014
3) Applies to the Trondheim office where offices next to factories are reported together.
4) Figures from main printers at Karm√ły, Trondheim and Myre respectively
5) Work-related injuries that lead to absence