Health and welfare

SMARTfeeds contribute to better fish health and survival, and therefore more food for consumers. We would like our SMARTfeeds to be a preferred product concept.

Feed can be consolidated with specific additional functions that are crucial for the health of the fish, growth and slaughter quality. BioMar was an early pioneer with functional and "smart feed". These are currently categorised as SMARTfeeds in our range. These products are primarily designed for better fish health and fish welfare.

BioMar offers smart, health-related feed, based on natural ingredients. SMARTfeeds are designed for maximum performance in the production cycle, with special focus on increased natural resistance to the most important diseases that occur during production in fish farms.

Goal Partial goal Status 2014 High points 2014
SMARTfeed   1.1 SMARTfeed shall be a preferred concept among our customers SMARTfeeds represent 13% of the portfolio. Up two percentage points from 2013  
1.2 By 2017, intro shall be the preferred transfer feed intro represents 92% of old transfer feed  
1.3 By 2017, intro/primo shall be the preferred SMARTfeed 59% of old SMARTfeed sales are of intro/primo
Achieved according to plan According to plan Deviation from plan No improvement