Nutrition and food safety

We work continuously to improve the nutritional value and quality of our products. We shall contribute to increased feed effectiveness and a lower FCR.

Selection of feed and the feeding regime are very important for the feed conversion ratio (FCR). Selection and distribution of feed in relation to the fishes' performance potential throughout the year and in relation to geography are active measures that should be taken to increase the fishes' performance.

  • The feed conversion factor is of crucial importance for feed costs (FCR x feed price) with the farming of fish.
  • FCR is an indicator of feed utilisation, and in this way will also have a significant impact on emissions from fish farming.

Higher feed quality gives better feed effectiveness. High nutritional value and a balanced composition are the most important factors in fish nutrition. This is dynamic development work where new knowledge and new feed raw materials are evolving all the time.

Safe and reliable feed that can be traced back to the place of origin of the nutrient is a fundamental element in our quality system.


2.1 Through focused
R&D work, we shall contribute to increased feed effectiveness and an FCR of 1.1 by 2017 with our clients

We have launched new functional products that give more sustainable production of salmon

We launched Tri-X and Symbio

2.2 Before 2017
10% of our products shall be optimised in terms of sustainability

Sustainability-optimised products make up 0.3% of the portfolio


2.3 By 2017
all our products should be used in line with our recommendations

Supervised use1) of our products stands at 63%.

This represents a decline of 2 percentage points from 2013
FOOD SAFETY 2.4 All our raw materials and products shall be risk assessed

All raw materials and products are risk assessed and comply with current regulations


2.5 All our raw materials shall be traceable back to their country of origin

All products and raw materials can be traced back to their country of origin  
1) Proportion of standard products of total
Achieved according to plan According to plan Deviation from plan No improvement