Dynamic Product Development

New aquaculture technologies and optimised forms of operation will provide opportunities to increase yields in the future 

Maximising profitability and performance

Maximising profitability

Maximising profitability through correct feed and optimal operations

Fish feed has undergone revolutionary changes. We now have potent feeds that are very well adapted to the fish’s life cycle and health. This excellent development will continue.

Operational optimisation vital

The development of constantly improving and more need-adapted types of feed is BioMar’s main assignment. New knowledge about raw materials, fish nutrition and fish health will most certainly make it possible to considerably increase the performance potential of the feed. Nevertheless, further development of the production regimes will be vital in order to achieve further growth. 

Better resource management

Better resource management

Our key to the future involves continuing to improve how we manage resources, not least fish feed. New aquaculture technologies and optimised forms of operation will provide opportunities to increase yields further. 

Fish health and growth

When it comes to feed, ensuring good fish health and cost-effective growth are always keys. The best feed performance is achieved by varying feeding in accordance with the fish’s physiology, health and appetite, along with the season and water temperature. Adaptive feeding ensures that the fish utilise the potential of the feed in all production phases, while avoiding costly feeding when the fish do not respond as desired.

New technologies

New aquaculture technologies and new production regimes are also enabling better fish health, faster production and increased feed conversion. Knowledge in this area is of great value for us as a feed supplier, and puts us in a position to adapt our products to new, more future-proof demands.    

Research and practical experience

At BioMar we endeavour to increase our knowledge based on both research and practical experience. This combination provides the foundation of our production follow-up programme, BioFarm.

Greater sustainability results

Greater sustainability results in greater growth

No industry can continue to grow unless it is sustainable. Right from the outset, BioMar has been committed to ensuring that its customers could continue production with a greater focus on the environment and increased sustainability. ASC certification is now the common international standard that will secure further growth for the industry.

Certification of fish farms’ sustainability

The number of fish farms whose sustainability has been certified is increasing rapidly around the world. Initially this concerns facilities farming salmon, trout, tilapia and pangasius.

Once the salmon louse problem has been brought under control, Norway’s largest renewable export industry will again be ready for further growth. Many methods have been adopted in the battle against lice, and the forms of operation around the country are being optimised in relation to the production problem. This relationship is keenly felt by feed suppliers, who have to be able to offer products adapted to the new operational regimes.


Microalgae ensure critical supply of raw materials

Product development within the field of fish feed is essential for the aquaculture industry’s future growth. We are now finding that many of the traditional challenges relating to limited feed resources and sustainability are being resolved. Up until now, access to marine raw materials and omega-3 fatty acids has been a limiting factor. Now BioMar has launched fish feed with marine fatty acids from microalgae, securing access to this essential ingredient. 

Omega-3 from algae

Essential fatty acids from microalgae can now be offered in large amounts, from a sustainable source that does not involve marine fishing. Aquaculture is becoming an increasingly important part of the global food supply, and this growth has led to increased demand for omega-3. With algae, we can reduce the pressure on marine resources and ensure that access to omega-3 no longer limits development. 

Optimal operations

BioFarm contributes to optimal operations

BioFarm is a range of tools to help BioMar’s customers to achieve better operations, with higher feed conversion and better fish quality. 

Practical aids

BioFarm gives aquaculture companies practical aids and tools for planning production and predicting the effect of feed and feeding adjustments. Cost–benefit simulations and consequence analyses for various product strategies and feeding regimes are just some of the options offered by BioFarm. 

BioFarm is under constant development and improvement, combining knowledge from ongoing research with practical experience and historical data in order to create the right conditions for optimal operations and better profitability.

High performance

High performance must be verified and continually developed

BioMar is a market leader in high-performance feed. Thanks to its continual research and development work since 1987, BioMar has given Norwegian aquaculture companies the most potent products available. Now we are researching the next step.

Adapting to change

In our development work, once we have found the formula for the best feed conversion, we then verify the quality and ensure that the formula can be adapted and adjusted for new products and areas of application. In partnership with LetSea, Gildeskål, Nofima and our customers, we continually search for methods to optimise adaptation to the production cycle and maximise the yield, with an emphasis on good fish health and high quality under varying conditions. This is BioFarm.