BioFarm for maximum profitabil

BioFarm for maximum profitability

Biofarm is optimisation of feed for maximum profitability with operational excellence, peak performance and the finest quality. BioFarm offers the fish farmer practical tools and various other utilities derived from experience and research.



Photo: BioMar
The cost/benefits model

The cost/benefits model

BioMar has developed a utility for cost/benefit simulation of our product lines Energy, Energy X, Power and Quick. The model shows how changes in the diet influence performance and earnings for individual fish farmers.

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Practical tool

Practical tool

BioFarm is a unique combination of guidelines obtained from our databases on growth, quality and feed aligned with empirical facts and data from R & D to provide fish farmers with good governance limits and practical aids for growth and quality.

This is an important contribution to profitable production and good knowledge of what is “Best Practice” within the industry. Our databases go back to the early 1990s and show the changes in trends and developments over time, and what has brought about developments in production and profitability. These things are important in an industry that is evolving as quickly as Norwegian aquaculture.

Tailored planning of a feeding regime

Based on the facility’s location, historical information and known seasonal and temperature variations, etc, we draw up an optimal feeding plan to realise the greatest potential of the fish. 

We may aim for a given salmon price and optimise our feed costs in line with this.

We can also aim, according to rising or falling salmon prices, for maximum growth or for increased robustness and health, to name just a few…..