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Larviva prostart

Larviva prostart

ProStart is an agglomerate that permits immediate starter feeding of lumpfish larvae once they have hatched. The high protein content supports the protein-intensive and rapid growth of the larvae.

ProStart has an extremely high physical quality that provides effective particle distribution on the water surface, and beneficially low sink rates in the water column.

Larviva ProStart
Fish Weight (g) 80-125 / 125-250 /250-400 (micro grams)
Comment Starter feed


Through the changeover to ProWean, BioMar provides a particle-free granulate.

ProWean is a very flavour-rich and water-stable feed that can be easily placed in feeding machines. Thanks to a high protein content and good digestibility, ProWean promotes the rapid growth of lumpfish larvae.

Larviva ProWean
Fish Weight (g) 80-200 / 150-400 / 350-600 / 550-800 / 750-1000 (Micro grams)
Comment Starter feed


Lumpfish Grower is a dedicated lumpfish product, researched and developed based on the largest-ever nutritional study of lumpfish.

The feed supports a production process that prioritises strong growth in the period before vaccination, followed by normal growth in the period before delivery.

Lumpfish Grower constantly maintains an important balance of good nutrition and good health. This has many benefits, including significantly improved survival rates in cases of bacterial infection.

Lumpfish grower
Pellet size (mm) 1,1 / 1,5 / 2,0
Comment Grower feeds / fry feeds

Cleaner Fish

The cleaner fish is a highly valued partner of fish farmers that gently and continually de-louses salmon. However, it requires careful management, where the correct feed and feeding of the cleaner fish is critical. BioMar’s Symbio concept prioritises fundamentally strong, species-specific nutrition.

Valuable Fish deserve the best!