Cleaner fish




Symbio Grower has been researched and developed based on a series of feeding trials using farmed ballan wrasse. The feed promotes 1% daily growth of 10 g fish, and a biological FCR of 1.2. This is considered to be very good for ballan wrasse.

The feed comprises a beneficial mix of floating and slow-sinking feed. As a hatchery feed, Symbio Grower can only be used for wrasse in tanks. 


Symbio grower
Pellet size (mm) 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0
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Symbio Maintenance (M) is an extremely flavour-rich product suitable for all species and sizes of cleaner fish. By nature the wrasse is adapted to feeding on growths on various substrates.

In light of this and the fact that Symbio M is produced as a 12 mm pellet, we recommend that feeding should be performed using bait boxes or flexible nylon nets. In a more recent development we are also producing version of Symbio Maintenace in a block form.

Feeding should take place in a sheltered location where the wrasse go for safety and rest, and where much of the de-lousing occurs. Symbio M is also suitable forlumpfish, providing that the feed is adequately soaked.

Symbio Maintenance
Pellet size (mm) 12 / Block
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Cleaner Fish

The cleaner fish is a highly valued partner of fish farmers that gently and continually de-louses salmon. However, it requires careful management, where the correct feed and feeding of the cleaner fish is critical. BioMar’s Symbio concept prioritises fundamentally strong, species-specific nutrition.

Valuable fish deserve the best!