Performance enhancer

'Q' trout

'Q' trout

For better growth and higher quality

Better growth and increased quality of the end product have the highest priority in the production of large rainbow trout. Trials have shown that even small additions of the ‘Q’ performance booster provide improvements in growth, feed factor and quality.

The results are equally good on a large scale and this has made ‘Q’ popular with Norwegian trout farmers. Rainbow is a specially developed feed concept for rainbow trout with a focus on top performance. Growth, FCR and quality.

BioMar's knowledge of trout feed dates back to 1962 when the company was called Dansk Trout Feed.

Excellent trial results

Good trial results

BioMar's feed types with Qrill have always achieved good results when testing on salmon, and the same should prove to be true for trout. In trials at LetSea in Dønna and Firda Sjøfarmer in Gråvik, we have seen that feed with mixed krill meal results in a lower feed factor and greater growth.

It turned out that we could replace 20% fishmeal with 2.5% ‘Q’ and 2.5% fishmeal and still achieve the same growth and a better feed factor. An increase of the ‘Q’ component to 7.5% resulted in significantly better growth and a further reduction in feed factor.

Better fillet quality

Better fillet quality

The trials have also shown a higher fillet quality, even where ‘Q’ was not used as the final feed. The trend is the same as has previously been shown for salmon feed with ‘Q’ and in Nofima's quality tests. The fish gets less intestinal fat combined with a slightly higher fat percentage in the fillets.

‘Q’ has a high content of marine phospholipids that are efficiently absorbed into cell membranes. The experiments show that feeding ‘Q’ helps prevent fillet yield, and gives the fillet a firm and fine structure.

‘Q’ is based on Superba krill, a type of krill harvested off Antarctica by Aker BioMarine. The krill in Antarctica are adapted to extremely low sea temperatures. It has unsaturated, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that keep fat liquid at low temperatures. The krill's omega-3 is very rich in phospholipids, which are efficiently absorbed into the salmon's cell membranes.

The trout that were fed with the two codes M1 and M2 with ‘Q’ showed a clearly better growth curve in the commercial trial at Gråvik.
Rainbow for rainbow trout

Rainbow for rainbow trout

Rainbow is a specially developed feed concept for rainbow trout in Norway with a focus on top performance in growth, feed factor and harvest quality. Rainbow Fjord is the best we can offer trout farmers, a high quality feed based on the latest knowledge about the nutrition and digestion of trout.

The feed concept safeguards trout digestion through the right choice of raw materials, gentle processing and good physical quality. Rainbow Fjord is specially adapted to the digestive system of the fish, designed to satisfy the requirements of the fish even in demanding farming locations with varying environmental conditions - for example in fjord areas.