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Salmon farming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. BioMar is one of the world's leading manufacturers of feed for farmed salmon, and we have a complete range for all forms of production in freshwater and saltwater. Information about our products can be found below or contact our commercial and sales support team for further details.


The best possible end result for the production process starts in the hatchery!

Solid investment in the freshwater phase leads to a large and healthy smolt – the best foundation for good health, survival and growth after transfer.

Thanks to its extensive experience with land-based aquaculture, BioMar has developed fry feed and grower feed specially designed to meet the challenges that occur at every stage of a fishes life and the full range of production systems.

In developing a feed for smolts, BioMar aims for the best physical quality, for raw materials of prime quality and targeted use of biofunctional components. Functional components such as Bactocell and krill affect the intestinal health and appetite of fish and ensure good nourishment, robust health and rapid growth.

BioMar’s extrusion technology produces a water-stable and porous mini-pellet with unique technical quality and an ideal sinking rate. This lays the foundations for a good tank environment, which in turn leads to improved fish welfare and problem-free production.

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Salmon undergo significant changes when they transition from fresh water to the sea. In addition to being exposed to a considerably higher infection risk in the sea, the fish’s immune defence and barriers are weakened as a result of the smoltification process. Consequently, the fish are exposed to a risk of disease and increased mortality during this phase.

Intro and Intro Q are recommended for use before and after release into the sea respectively. The carefully selected functional components of the Intro package strengthen immune defence and barriers. This ensures optimal yields in the hatchery, and a more robust and resistant smolt after release.

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Grower feeds

Grower feeds

BioMar manufacture a range of bespoke feeds, as well as diets designed for Organic or Label Rouge production.

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Health feed

Health feed

BioMar offers health feed adapted to different situations and needs within modern aquaculture. Our goal is to continually develop solutions that intercept the particular challenges encountered by the fish in the various stages of production by combining our expertise on fish health and nutrition

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Orbit – Specially adapted feed for RAS systems

ORBIT focuses on growth, water quality and the load on the biofilter. ORBIT provides perfectly balanced nutrition for the fish, and is manufactured to allow maximum utilisation of nutrients. 

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Tri-X is the special feed for Triploid salmon

Tri-X is specially formulated for triploid salmon. Triploid salmon have a very high growth potential, but due to the risk of skeletal deformities also impose particularly stringent requirements regarding nutritional content and specific feed components.

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