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Solid investment in the freshwater phase leads to a large and healthy smolt – the best foundation for good health, survival and growth after transfer. Thanks to its extensive experience with land-based aquaculture, BioMar has developed fry feed and grower feed specially designed to meet the challenges that occur at every stage of a fishes life and across the full range of production systems. In developing a feed for smolts, BioMar aims for the best physical quality, for raw materials of prime quality and targeted use of biofunctional components. Functional components such as Bactocell and krill affect the intestinal health and appetite of fish and ensure good nourishment, robust health and rapid growth. BioMar’s extrusion technology produces a water-stable and porous mini-pellet with unique technical quality and an ideal sinking rate. This lays the foundations for a good tank environment, which in turn leads to improved fish welfare and problem-free production.

Inicio Plus

Inicio Plus – Starter feed with Bactocell®

Inicio Plus is BioMar’s high-quality starter feed designed to give fry the very best start in life. Thanks to the market’s smallest heat-extruded pellet, measuring just 0.5 mm and carefully selected ingredients, we can now offer you the chance to use high-quality pellets from the fry’s very first feed. In addition to being a nutritionally balanced feed, Inicio Plus is formulated with the probiotic Bactocell® which offers a number of health benefits. Inicio Plus thus effortlessly joins our range of well documented BioMar products known for their outstanding-quality ingredients that produce high yields and healthy smolt.

The high physical quality of Inicio Plus provides good water stability and is suitable for all feeding systems. This not only results in higher growth rates and lower feed consumption, but water quality is also improved due to the low volume of particles and low feed wastage.

inicio Plus
Pellet size (mm) 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.5
Fish Weight (g) <0.5 / 0.4 – 3 / 1.1 – 5 / 4 – 20
Fresh Water Yes

CPK – rapid growth

CPK is BioMar’s grower feed for juveniles in flow-through systems. CPK is manufactured to permit maximum growth at the same time as supporting the fish through the physiological challenges they encounter during production.

CPK is based on selected protein ingredients, combined with the right quantities of vitamins and minerals. CPK is formulated using a high level of the amino acid histidine, adapted to the fish’s particular nutritional requirements at this stage of its life. Histidine plays a particularly important role in preventing nutrition-related cataracts. Supply of important fatty acids is secured by means of selected oils. We have also taken account of the interplay between the various feed components, which is important for achieving the optimal effect and yield. CPK has been proven to have a beneficial effect on growth.

Pellet size (mm) 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.5
Fish Weight (g) 15 – 50 / 40 – 150 / 100 ->
Fresh Water Yes

Orbit – Specially adapted feed for RAS systems

ORBIT focuses on growth, water quality and the load on the biofilter. ORBIT provides perfectly balanced nutrition for the fish and is manufactured to allow maximum utilisation of nutrients. In practice ORBIT provides the same strong growth as our CPK product, but with a reduced feed factor.

The effects are achieved through the high physical quality, high digestibility, high and carefully calculated levels of essential nutrients and a reduced volume of faeces from the fish. The structure and density of the faeces is important for the water quality and ORBIT has been developed with this in mind.

ORBIT is specially designed for RAS systems, but can safely be used in recirculation systems with special cleaning requirements.

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Pellet size (mm) 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.5
Fish Weight (g) 15-50 / 40-150 / 100->
Fresh Water Yes