BioMar’s sustainability Report

BioMar’s sustainability Report

Our annual sustainability report

The GRI report creates transparency about our actions both for our customers and other stakeholders.

The report outlines BioMar's ambitious targets for sustainability, but also shows the strong commitment of the BioMar Group over the years in developing sustainable and responsible solutions throughout all its activities. 

BioMar commits to public transparency of our activities through annual disclosures in accordance with the GRI G4 framework.

BioMar’s Report

Code of conduct

Code of conduct

BioMar acknowledges that a sustainable business must be built ensuring the fundamental rights of human beings. Our Code of Conduct is essential to the way we drive our business. We require that all employees, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors comply with outlined standards and provisions.

Part of our role as a multinational company sourcing raw materials in the global market is to ensure that our suppliers as well as we ourselves meet the standards detailed in our Code of Conduct.

BioMar Code of conduct


BioMar is regularly audited and certified by competent authorities and organisations for the certifications of products and processes.


The single most important certification of BioMar is the ISO 9001 standard.

ISO 9001:2015 is a dynamic system, which implies that quality assurance is an ongoing process that is on the agenda every day. This ensures continuous improvement and streamlining of processes and routines. All for the benefit of both BioMar and our customers.

The quality assurance system is described in our company intranet system, which all employees can access.


BioMar UK is committed to improving the quality and safety of our feed whilst promoting energy and materials conservation.

We operate to a set of internal policies that ensure that we continually strive to maintain our high standards in the areas of quality, food safety and energy conservation. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated.

Other certifications

A large number of other certifications complements the ISO certifications; it can be certifications from large retailers - like the Italian COOP or French Carrefour supermarket chains - or from national authorities like the Danish Plant Directorate responsible for e.g. certifying BioMar for handling and production of feed products for organic fish production.

But common for all the certifications is that they contribute to the goal of securing that consumers can trust the quality of the fish product they eat.