Alimentsa and BioMar present joint team to the public

5. oktober 2017

Shortly after the approval of the acquisition by the authorities, BioMar and Alimentsa presented to the public as one company for the first time at the largest shrimp event in Latin America. BioMar is expected to contribute to the development of an already strong product portfolio in Alimentsa by providing access to large-scale global R&D resources as well as proven product solutions already performing within related markets.

At Aqua Expo in Guayaquil, BioMar and Alimentsa joint forces with a team featuring business leaders, sales, technical support as well as shrimp experts. Together with the customers, stakeholders and keynote speakers the scene was set to discuss the top-of-the-agenda themes such as sustainability, nutrition, feed management and disease prevention.

"Aqua Expo has proven to be an optimal opportunity to kick-start our external cooperation engaging with customers and industry stakeholders. We have been working together side by side presenting Alimentsa as part of our global organisation at the same time listening to expectations from the market, explains Henrik Aarestrup, VP Emerging Markets, BioMar Group.


Immediate feedback from the customers

As companies BioMar and Alimentsa are very much comparable when it comes to purpose, values, focus areas and cooperation with the customers: Both companies were founded by farmers to accelerate innovation, performance and sustainability, and both companies work closely together with the customers developing and integrating feed solutions. Being a part of BioMar Group, Alimentsa will now be able to integrate local expertise and global strength within areas such as sourcing and R&D creating an important advantage going forward:

"I am pleased being a part of a group 100% dedicated to aquaculture. During the last days, we have met several customers talking about future possibilities. They have all responded very positively to Alimentsa joining BioMar Group. They trust that the cooperation will enable Alimentsa to shorten the time to market for new products and that the philosophy in BioMar fits well with the way of working in Alimentsa. It will add a global muscle at the same time maintaining local agility", explains Danny Velez, Managing Director, Alimentsa.

In November BioMar and Alimentsa will invite customers and stakeholders to participate in dedicated event celebrating the 30 years anniversary of Alimentsa as well as shedding light on the future possibilities for the shrimp farmers in Ecuador when it comes to feed solutions.