Feed Solutions

Blue Impact feed range acts as a catalyst for driving change as we use applied, science-based sustainability to select ingredients that have a lower impact on our planet.

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SmartCare programme is a range of globally proven functional feed solutions for aquaculture species.

SmartCare is a supplementary programme that helps fish farmers tackle daily challenges faced in their aquaculture operations.

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LARVIVA offers a complete selection of hatchery feeds tailored for fish and shrimp.

It is specially developed to maximise the success of the hatchery operations giving your larvae a strong start, ensuring high-quality, robust fry and post larvae, well prepared for the grow out stages.

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ORBIT is a specialised aquafeed range, meticulously crafted to suit advanced aquaculture technology like Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

It is the perfect choice when you are in an intensive farming environment or looking to enhance waste reduction and faeces stability.

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EXIA is the result of extensive research and decades of experience formulating high performance shrimp feeds.

Our shrimp feeds are crafted to deliver optimal nutrition, ensuring your shrimp thrive.

Symbio feed range covers the feeding needs of all cleaner fish species, both in onshore production and as lice-eaters in the sea.

Symbio is based on solid experience of feed development for a range of marine species and BioMar’s own focus on cleaner fish.

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