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Hatchery feeds. For all your needs.  

LARVIVA offers a complete selection of hatchery feeds tailored for fish and shrimp. It is specially developed to maximise the success of the hatchery operations, giving your larvae a strong start, ensuring high-quality, robust fry and post larvae, well-prepared for the grow out stages. 

      LARVIVA hatchery range for shrimp offers a complete selection of top-quality products specially formulated to support the demanding nutritional needs of fast-growing larvae and post larvae.

      Our sophisticated production technology allows for optimal nutrient availability and the inclusion of proven effective additives ensures robust post larvae in shorter production cycles.

      LARVIVA hatchery range for fish offers a complete selection of top-quality products covering all the nutritional needs of fish larvae, small fry and broodstock.

      The hatchery range includes premium and standard product programmes for larval/post-weaning, and nursery stages to fit the goals and protocols of the different hatcheries. High quality broodstock feeds for both maintenance and maturation periods and an enrichment diet for rotifers and Artemia, complete the range.