Cultivating success together

BioFarm is a highly specialised function within BioMar focused on education and knowledge exchange. It consists of experts in nutrition and farming efficiencies, technologies and best practices. 
At BioMar we don’t just sell feed we stand ready to support farmers with our BioFarm people who have skills in fish health and welfare and farming operations.

BioMar Australia has a dedicated team of experts ready to support farmers in the region with onsite visits.

Cultivating success for your business

BioFarm focuses on fostering collaboration and mutual support between you and BioMar. They are experts in nutrition and farming efficiencies, technologies and best practices, which enables them to generate a real impact for sustainable change and optimised farm performance.  

This collective knowledge empowers us to create a tangible and lasting impact for your business. Together, we cultivate a path for sustainability and success. 

  • +70 BioFarm Experts

  • Farm Visits

  • Farm Trials

  • +15 Training Courses

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    Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces

    A unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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    Feed trials in Australia

    In Australia, BioMar have partnered with Huon Aquaculture to use the only dedicated sea-based fish feed trial facility located at Huon Aquaculture’s Hideaway Bay facility.

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    Facts about krill

    The krill that lives in the Antarctic has adapted to extremely low sea temperatures.

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    Driven by Innovation

    BioMar are a global research organisation, who combine our core competency in R&D with skilled researchers and experts within aquaculture.

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    New ship for BioMar Tasmania to New Zealand route

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