Creating balance and harmony in RAS

Specialised feed for Recirculating Aquaculture systems

ORBIT is a specialised aquafeed range, meticulously crafted to suit advanced aquaculture technology like Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). It is the perfect choice when you are in an intensive farming environment or looking to enhance waste reduction and faeces stability.

With ORBIT, you can count on maximising not only your fish's performance but also the efficiency of your RAS system & biofilters.

  • Lower FCR

  • Reduced nitrogen and phosphorus emissions

  • Provides optimal intestinal health

  • Superior water quality

  • Reduced biofilter load

      Boosting biofilter capacity

      A Recirculating Aquaculture System requires balance and harmony to ensure optimal farming performance and boost the capacity of the biofilter.

      Solid performance

      Highly digestible nutrients provide optimal growth and a low feed conversion ratio due to well-balanced nutrition for increased utilisation of nutrients from specially selected raw materials.

      Improved water quality

      Focus on the physical quality of the feed through research and applied technology. Balanced ratio between highly digestible protein and energy, and optimal utilisation of nutrients for growth and health. Improved protein retention through use of highly digestible protein sources.

      Stable and easily collectable faeces

      Careful selection of raw materials and their combination to ensure adequate faecal consistency. More compact and dense faecal particles.

      Robust fish

      Functional ingredients to provide fish with extra support during handling and other farming challenges.

      • More feed converted to fish biomass

      • Reduced waste and nutrient load on biofilter

      • Easy and efficient removal of faeces and sludge

      • Production of robust and high performing fish