Above & Beyond

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Above & Beyond is our global strategy reaching towards 2028+ guiding us as we strive to impact the industry and the planet beyond what we have ever done before.
It will not be an easy journey and it will require a lot of leadership, effort, and change. But it is the right thing to do!
- Carlos Diaz, CEO BioMar Group

Protect the core

Our strategy offers a paradigm shift for BioMar and our customers, truly embedding innovation and sustainability into the commercial value proposition. We are protecting the core of the company through commercial and operational excellence and creating value through sustainability as well as increasing our focus on data-driven business decisions and digital data solutions.

Accelerate growth

We will enhance focus on strategy deployment, business development, and M&A, while strengthening global alignment, to improve collaboration across our core businesses. As we accelerate global growth across new geographies and areas, we hope to become a relevant player in all geographies.

Future-proof beyond feed

Our strategy is not only ambitious but also courageous as we think out of the box, moving the limits, and going above and beyond customer expectations. We explore opportunities in related business areas while continuing to innovate with next-generation product solutions and be the catalyst for bringing exciting new, low-input raw materials into our recipes.

To facilitate excellence in what has already been built we will continue to expand into new areas while exploring opportunities in related business areas that will support innovation across the aquaculture industry.

Results (1)

    BioMar achieves record Q2

    The significant increase in revenue in Q2 was driven by higher sales volumes, raw material prices, and to some extend currency rate development.

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