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BioMar offers an extensive range of feeds & services designed to ensure the sustainable future of the aquaculture industry as we continue to innovate for your success.

We focus on supporting our customers in delivering healthy, great tasting seafood. We do this by producing high performance feed that is safe and nutritious with minimal environmental impact.

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  • Blue Impact
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  • EXIA

We are changing our feed for a future

World leaders have envisioned aquaculture must double production by 2050, without increasing pressure on wild fish and agricultural land. A seemingly impossible task but if there is going to be a sustainable future aquaculture must not fail as it is a low impact nutrient dense food source.

We are committed to enabling the aquaculture industry to be a long-term profitable provider of safe, healthy seafood. That is why we will continue to drive innovation not only in feed efficiency and performance but also in the development of low impact feed ingredients through our work with suppliers and research institutions.

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