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The mission for sustainable aquaculture

Did you know that aquaculture is to double production by 2050? The challenge is to achieve this ambitious goal without further depleting ocean fish stocks or expanding agricultural land for crop production. 

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    Results (20)

      The importance of limiting warming to 1.5°c

      The scientific community has stressed the urgency of limiting warming to 1.5°C because the health of oceans, ecosystems, and humans depends on it.

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      Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces

      A unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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      The next generation of insect meal

      After years of R&D, insect meal is now seen as a promising new ingredient on a clear pathway to being widely adopted.

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    • Groundbreaking concept for the next generation of aquafeeds

      With the groundbreaking P 3.0 Concept for feed formulation, BioMar advances its efforts to bring more value to the businesses of fish farmers.

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      Yield10 Bioscience and BioMar aim to grow fish oil on land

      Yield10 Bioscience and BioMar Group have signed an agreement to form a long-term partnership to commercialise a Camelina crop .

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      Deep branch and BioMar agree strategic partnership

      Deep Branch and BioMar have signed a long-term technical and commercial partnership to redefine traditional aquaculture feed ingredients and improve the aquaculture industry’s efficiency,

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      BioMar stops all commercial activities with and within Russia

      Following the invasion of Ukraine, BioMar Group shuts down all trade activities with Russia. The decision includes sales of finished products as well as the sourcing of raw materials.

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      Finesta – finest with colours

      BioMar launches FINESTA – a finisher diet for gilthead sea bream to intensify the skin colour before harvest.

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      BioMar's carbon targets approved as the 'most ambitious'

      This is currently the most ambitious designation available through the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) process.

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      1 million tonnes of salmon feed with microalgae

      Marine ingredients are a finite resource, and by including microalgae in aquaculture diets, we can help stabilise the pressure on fish stocks.

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      BioMar commits to the most ambitious pathway toward net-zero

      BioMar is the first global aquafeed supplier to adopt the 1.5°C pathway toward net-zero under the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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      We have partnered with Earthworm Foundation, an international non-profit undertaking social and environmental projects, to drive responsible shrimp projects in Ecuador.

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