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BioFarm is a highly specialised function within BioMar focused on education and knowledge exchange. It consists of experts in nutrition and farming efficiencies, technologies and best practices. 

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BioFarm focuses on fostering collaboration and mutual support between you and BioMar. They are experts in nutrition and farming efficiencies, technologies and best practices, which enables them to generate a real impact for sustainable change and optimised farm performance.  

This collective knowledge empowers us to create a tangible and lasting impact for your business. Together, we cultivate a path for sustainability and success. 

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  • BioMar and Earthworm Foundation take lead on responsible shrimp

    BioMar and Earthworm Foundation take lead on responsible shrimp

    Earthworm Foundation, an international non-profit undertaking social and environmental projects, is partnering with BioMar to drive responsible shrimp projects in Ecuador.

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    What are salmon lice?

    The greatest health challenge for the fish farming industry today is infection with the parasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis, better known as the salmon louse.

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    Trial results for rainbow trout in Hirtshals Denmark

    The aim of this trial was to document and compare the effect and performance on large rainbow trout.

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    Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces

    A unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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    Cleaner Fish nutrition

    Until a few years ago, it was not common that cleaner fish in cages were fed maintenance feeds.

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    Health challenges in triploid salmon

    Escapes is one of the greatest challenges that the aquaculture industry is working to prevent

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    The myths about antibiotics

    That farmed salmon are full of antibiotics is a myth that lives on. But it is not the case!

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    Mols Bjerge National Park eelgrass restoration project

    Mols Bjerge National Park will undertake an eelgrass restoration project with the help of BioMar Group and the local Danish community.

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    Why Cleaner Fish

    The salmon louse is the most common parasite on farmed salmon, and one of the biggest challenges for the aquaculture industry.

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    Fish is an efficient source of protein

    Aquaculture is one of the least resource-intensive forms of food production.

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    Dark spots

    Research has shown that the development of dark spots is closely connected with the health status of the fish.

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    About HSMI and CMS

    HSMI and CMS cause extensive financial loss to the industry through increased mortality and reduced growth.

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