Blue Impact

Progressively transforming aquaculture

Catalyst for driving change

Our Blue Impact feed range acts as a catalyst for driving change as we use applied, science-based sustainability to select ingredients that have a lower impact on our planet. 

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      Why should you choose Blue Impact?

      When it comes to aquaculture farming, the feeds you use are responsible for approximately 80 % of the environmental footprint. Our Blue Impact feed solutions are key to driving change. 

      It is crucial for all of us to play a part in building a sustainable future. Blue Impact feeds focus on reducing our reliance on scarce marine ingredients and opt for raw materials that are both circular and restorative, with a minimal carbon footprint. 

      BioMar is committed to using applied, science-based sustainability to choose ingredients that leave a lighter footprint on our planet, to the benefit of your farming activities.  

      We prioritise introducing new ingredients that are nutrient-dense without competing with human food sources. When you choose Blue Impact diets, you are actively contributing to a more sustainable future for all of us. 

      Your Blue Journey

      • Ensure your place on shelves

      • Meet your climate targets

      • Bring circular thinking to your farming

      What are the BioSustain Impact Parameters?

      The BioSustain Impact Parameters provide you with holistic coverage of the most market-critical environmental impacts from feed production.

      Go to Impact Parameters

      Results (10)

        Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces

        A unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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        Deep branch and BioMar agree strategic partnership

        Deep Branch and BioMar have signed a long-term technical and commercial partnership to redefine traditional aquaculture feed ingredients and improve the aquaculture industry’s efficiency,

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        BioMar launches Blue Impact salmon feed at Aquaculture UK

        Blue Impact is BioMar’s global brand dedicated to sustainability and driving change in aquaculture.

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        1 million tonnes of salmon feed with microalgae

        Marine ingredients are a finite resource, and by including microalgae in aquaculture diets, we can help stabilise the pressure on fish stocks.

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        Microalgae no longer considered a niche ingredient in BioMar

        BioMar's facility in Brande, Denmark, follows the success of the other production facilities in the UK and in Norway and significantly scales up the inclusion of microalgae into their raw material portfolio.

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        We have partnered with Earthworm Foundation, an international non-profit undertaking social and environmental projects, to drive responsible shrimp projects in Ecuador.

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        Microalgae to become the primary source for omega 3

        BioMar first introduced microalgae omega-3 into commercial salmon feeds in 2016 after three years of R&D and planning.

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        From sawdust to protein

        There is a promising new feed ingredient from the forests of Norway, sawdust! Sourcing locally is ideal and in Norway only around 8%* of the raw materials in a salmon diet come from Norway.

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        The expansion of Blue IMPACT

        BioMar’s feed concept Blue IMPACT has a special focus on minimising the environmental impact of aquaculture.

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        Loch Duart pioneers Blue Impact feed in the UK

        Loch Duart is the first salmon producer in the UK to use the Blue Impact feed, launched by BioMar last year.

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