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BioMar promotes an open innovation approach internally and with talented scientists and institutions. This paves the way for breakthrough innovations for new feed ingredients and feed solutions. 

BioMar innovation process

Sustainable solutions require innovation. We have rethought our approach and reimagined new pathways to better serve future needs. We have adapted our internal workflow to accelerate innovation across departments, functions, and geographies to provide innovative feed and services that address market needs.    

Our innovation process allows us to move with agility to identify potential suppliers and novel ingredients, and to rapidly commercialise new products and solutions.  

Submit your product into our innovation pipeline 

Do you want BioMar to use your raw material in our feeds? Are you currently bringing a new feed ingredient to market? Submit it for review in our innovation pipeline.

Innovation around the globe

Global Research & Development

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      BioMar raises expectations for 2023

      BioMar is coming out of the third quarter with a 5% increase in volumes year-on-year. The increase in volumes, combined with a strong product strategy,

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    • BioMar and Earthworm Foundation take lead on responsible shrimp

      BioMar and Earthworm Foundation take lead on responsible shrimp

      Earthworm Foundation, an international non-profit undertaking social and environmental projects, is partnering with BioMar to drive responsible shrimp projects in Ecuador.

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      BioMar further invests in LARVIVA hatchery feed success

      The investment will allow for an expansion into a new, larger facility with the capability of performing trials in semi-industrial conditions.

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      What are salmon lice?

      The greatest health challenge for the fish farming industry today is infection with the parasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis, better known as the salmon louse.

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      Trial results for rainbow trout in Hirtshals Denmark

      The aim of this trial was to document and compare the effect and performance on large rainbow trout.

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      The importance of limiting warming to 1.5°c

      The scientific community has stressed the urgency of limiting warming to 1.5°C because the health of oceans, ecosystems, and humans depends on it.

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      BioMar and Viet-Uc enter a strategic partnership

      BioMar takes another important step to expand its global footprint within shrimp feed.

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      BioMar Australia announces new vessel

      BioMar Australia is excited to announce a $15 million-dollar, nation-leading project to construct the first green methanol ready vessel in Australia.

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      Scope 1, 2 & 3: going “net-zero”

      Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been responsible for over 2,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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      Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces

      A unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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      BioMar and Bio Feeder announce environmentally friendly boat

      Kryssholm - A new, high-tech vessel for transporting fish feed will be ready in 2021.

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      The next generation of insect meal

      After years of R&D, insect meal is now seen as a promising new ingredient on a clear pathway to being widely adopted.

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