Fast-track your career!

The graduate programme

In the BioMar Graduate Programme, you will combine a challenging job with a comprehensive development program. We will accelerate your growth through a learning methodology comprising Class-Room Training, Social Learning and On-The-Job Assignments. Together with graduates from around the world, you are invited to global workshops, master-classes and peer-learning activities. Your personal mentor will guide you on your learning journey and your manager will ensure your assignments are providing the right development opportunities.

Your development

Our Graduate Programme is a 12-month top-up on an entry position. You will be working on daily tasks in your position, while being exposed to development opportunities matching your profile and interests. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to join a fast-paced and exciting working environment, while accelerating professional and personal development.

Your entry position might be either permanent or time bound. After the 12-month programme, you will most probably continue in the department where you are hired, unless you and your manager find a better fit for you in another role locally or abroad.

Your development plan will consist of:

  • On-the-job assignments accelerating your professional growth
  • Senior-level mentor selected to fit your profile
  • A direct manager committed to guide and coach you, fast-tracking your career
  • Global workshops and master-classes together with graduates from across the world
  • Peer learning in the global graduate community
Our Purpose

We invite you to be part of a purpose-driven company. The BioMar purpose is rooted in our heritage and our commitment to aquaculture. Our purpose is what unites the employees at BioMar and why we are in the industry.

We have committed ourselves to be innovating for an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture. Through cutting-edge knowledge and long-lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, we strive to develop and deliver truly efficient, sustainable, and healthy feed solutions.

By joining our graduate program, you will be part of the next generation of employees, challenging the way we work in BioMar and in our industry. We are excited to work with your ideas and inspiration.

The community

As a graduate, you will join a worldwide community of dedicated BioMar employees. While you might be the only graduate at your location, you will for sure not be alone. Both locally and globally, you will be invited to collaborate with senior experts as well as other young staff.

BioMar is a company with employees from very diverse backgrounds, including cultures, educational backgrounds, age groups and genders. This is one of the pillars enabling us to promote innovation.

As a part of the BioMar Graduate Programme, we have established a global graduate community, where you can bounce your ideas, get help to overcome challenges and learn how to work in a multicultural environment. We will team you up with selected graduates, so you get the right learning opportunities.

Your support

All managers supporting a graduate have made a pledge to promote the development of a young employee with high aspirations and learning potential. Hence, your manager is ready to support your growth. Your manager will help design your development plan and check-in with you on a frequent basis to make sure you are on track with your assignments and development goals.

Furthermore, you will be matched with a dedicated personal mentor at a senior level. The mentor is selected to complement your manager in terms of professional competences and leadership experience. Your mentor will challenge and support you during the duration of the programme and help you take the next career steps.

Additionally, you will have access to company experts and knowledge across BioMar. We believe in knowledge sharing, collaboration and long-term partnerships. We know that investing in your growth is investing in the future of BioMar.


Frequently asked questions about the Graduate Programme

FAQ Graduate Programme


You must have completed your Bachelor's or Master's degree no more than two years before the application deadline for the job.

How to apply

You will find the open graduate positions on our graduate job page. When applying, please attach your motivation letter, CV, academic certificates, and other documents you find relevant. If you have not finished your degree yet, please attach the latest exam marks in your application. 


You will receive feedback in writing, either inviting you for an interview or declining due to more qualified candidates. If you have any questions about your application, the recruitment process, or the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Size of programme

The specific number of participants depends upon the requirements of the business and the number of eligible candidates available.


This year, we are committed to run the Graduate Programme at our locations in Denmark, UK, Australia, and Norway. However, more locations might be added. Have a look at the graduate job page to explore the opportunities.

Salary Level

The salary offered is comparable to an entry-level position, depending on the country where you are hired.

Next Steps

The Graduate Programme is highly profiled in BioMar, and we are doing our utmost to find suitable challenges for our graduates. So, whether you have signed up for a permanent position or a time bound challenge, we are ready to support your future endeavours. You might continue in the department where you are hired, or you might find a better fit for you in another role locally or abroad. 

Going abroad

If you, by the end of the programme, are keen on new global challenges, we will support you to find a role in a business unit abroad.