BioMar further invests in LARVIVA hatchery feed success

BioMar Group announced the expansion of the marine hatchery trial facilities at their Aquaculture Technology Centre (ATC) Hirtshals in Denmark. The investment will allow for an expansion into a new, larger facility with the capability of performing trials in semi-industrial conditions.

The investment in this state-of-the-art facility follows the continued success of the LARVIVA hatchery feeds across the main hatchery markets, together with the two capacity expansions at the production facility in France to cover the market demand. The decision further reinforces BioMar’s commitment to driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of hatcheries across the globe.

Henrik Aarestrup, VP LATAM, Shrimp & Hatchery at BioMar said, “We believe that this investment will unlock potential for growth in new markets and new species. This will bring innovations, further solidifying our position as a leading provider of premium-quality hatchery feeds. The expansion of the ATC Hirtshals facility aligns with BioMar’s strategic plan for the hatchery segment, which is a key pillar for the development of marine fish and shrimp feeds.”

The hatchery trial facilities will serve as a hub for research and development activities, with the addition of six multinational R&D staff to the team of experts in marine hatchery operations. It will include units dedicated to larval rearing as well as live feed production, allowing for extensive research and testing of hatchery feeds for several marine species.

Simon Wadsworth, Global R&D Director at BioMar said, “We are commissioning advanced larval research facilities, to ensure the continued high performance of LARVIVA, as well as developing further products for this highly specialized global market. The core research team has also been strengthened by leading larval rearing expertise from the Mediterranean region. The new facility will significantly strengthen our research capacity in this dynamic segment.”

The inauguration of the expanded ATC Hirtshals facility is expected to take place in September.