Cleaning up our seas

At BioMar, we know how important it is to have clean seas and oceans. This is why BioMar Greece has collaborated with local authorities and volunteers to clean up Volos Port.

Image: Hundreds of “curious” citizens witnessed part of the diver’s efforts to retrieve the marine litter from the sea floor of the port and stopped at BioMar’s stand to exchange opinions and concerns over important environmental issues.

Major hubs of economic activity and of environmental pollution

For centuries, humans have been carelessly disposing of waste, including boats and other types of rubbish, into our waterways, thinking it would simply disappear. But this waste has caused significant harm to marine ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Residues of discarded waste can release toxic substances, such as oils and chemicals, that harm marine life and disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem. In addition, sunken boats can pose a danger to shipping navigation, as a collision with a vessel could release harmful substances into the water.

To help address this problem, BioMar Greece initiated a project to restore the harbour of Volos Port. During the 9-day clean-up effort, over 10 tons of marine litter were collected and removed from the ocean. This included 33 shopping trolleys, 45 car tires, 4 bicycles, chairs, remnants of fishing boats, anchors, and light poles. All the collected items were sent to certified recyclers, who gave them a second life.

The extensive media attention this project raised across Greece has brought awareness to the serious issue of dumping garbage into the Mediterranean. By properly disposing of our waste and reducing our environmental impact, we can help protect the ocean and its precious ecosystem for future generations.