Embracing our responsibility

Environmentally, socially and economically responsible behaviour is not only a corporate commitment for BioMar, but also a demand to our suppliers. Our Supplier Approval, Audit and Traceability (SAAT) team secures a resilient, stable and sustainable supply chain behind every BioMar feed delivered to customers all around the world.

Raw materials purchased by BioMar are sourced all over the globe and from very different environments. For BioMar, it is a vital element to assure that each raw material used in BioMar feeds is produced and delivered responsibly and with minimal impact on the environment and local communities. For this purpose, BioMar has created the Supplier Approval, Audit and Traceability (SAAT) team to ensure that all our suppliers live up to BioMar’s requirements and that we manage our impact throughout a global and complex supply chain.

What is SAAT?

BioMar’s Supplier Approval, Audit and Traceability (SAAT) team is responsible for facilitating overall approval and auditing of suppliers, as well as for ensuring traceability of raw materials used in producing BioMar feeds. The SAAT team ensures a consistent and a high quality approval process of both suppliers and raw materials, based on the BioMar Code of Conduct and on the BioMar Sourcing Policy.

All suppliers must undergo a supplier approval process consisting of, for example, production process evaluation, accreditation level determination and raw material risk assessment, including food safety evaluation. Only approved suppliers and raw materials may be contracted and purchased in BioMar, securing quality and mitigating risks. These processes are carried out in close collaboration and with much effort from local and global sourcing teams as well as quality, food safety and other assisting departments.

BioMar sourcing departments continuously update our supplier and raw material database. Existing suppliers and raw materials are evaluated annually and required documents are updated continuously throughout the year. On-site audit is an important measure for follow-up, and for securing that our suppliers comply with BioMar policies and standards. Each year, the audit teams perform approximately 15-20 global and several local audits with the participation of experienced BioMar personnel, each contributing with their own fields of expertise such as sourcing, food safety, quality, sustainability and logistics.

To support the SAAT work, BioMar is currently implementing sustainability measures to further improve its approval and auditing mechanisms and to extend the depth of traceability of each raw material that enters BioMar’s systems.

Embracing the responsibility

BioMar is a global player with operations all around the world. This demands for taking responsibility for constantly minimising the environmental footprint and securing positive influence on local ecosystems as well as societies. BioMar strives to live up to this responsibility and to encourage other stakeholders in the supply chain to do the same to secure a sustainable future.