Updating BioMar feeding tool

At BioMar, the development of feeds, tools and systems based on latest knowledge and research is an ongoing practice, and the recent update of BioMar Feeding Tool is in line with these efforts, giving even better value to fish farmers utilising BioMar feeds. BioMar Feeding Tool has, among other things, been optimised for trout farming in cages and adjusted to give an even better service to fish farmers in certain markets, like Sweden and Finland.

Since 2018, fish farmers in the markets served by BioMar’s EMEA Division in Europe, Middle East and Africa have had access to this innovative online tool for calculating and forecasting the need for feed on a farm. BioMar Feeding Tool aims at making it easier for farmers to calculate feeding rates as well as long term feed consumption on their farm.

BioMar Feeding Tool is a result of BioMar’s extensive research and expertise in the field of nutritional needs of farmed fish combined with practical experience gained through close cooperation with customers since the day the company was founded in 1962. BioMar Feeding Tool enables farmers to calculate daily feeding rates and to forecast the need for feed in a given period for a given farm. Michel Autin, Technical Director of BioMar’s EMEA Division, explains:

"The BioMar Feeding Tool is an online service intended for providing recommendations for the use of BioMar feeds in an efficient and easy-to-follow way. Our purpose is to assist our customers in making more effective calculations on daily feeding rate and forecasting the feed usage on their farm for a given period to possibly increase the efficiency on their farm operations."

BioMar Feeding Tool is available for fish farmers in the markets served by BioMar’s EMEA Division in Europe, Middle East and Africa and comes in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Polish. BioMar Feeding Tool is compatible with any device that has an internet connection.

The tool is fit for calculating the feeding needs in farming of rainbow trout, sea bass and sea bream. Research activities continue in order to expand its coverage to more species and to implement it to aquafeeds designed under BioMar’s recently launched P 3.0 Concept for optimised feed formulation.

"Creating value for our customers’ businesses is one of our ultimate purposes. In addition to providing industry leading products and feed concepts, BioMar aims at fulfilling this purpose through innovative services. BioMar Feeding Tool is one of the game changing services in this direction, says Michel Autin".

Michel Autin adds to this: - Our BioFarm teams of technical advisors are appreciated by our customers for technical support services on topics such as feed usage, feeding strategies, veterinarian services, improving farm installations and consultancy in general farm management. The BioMar Feeding Tool is a service free-of-charge, on top of our BioFarm services, adding extra value to our customers’ businesses. We hope that fish farmers will warmly welcome the now updated BioMar Feeding Tool and utilise it extensively on their farm operations and we warmly recommend them to contact their BioMar local support for the best use of the tool.